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September is yoga month-short practice for stress relief

September is yoga month-20 minute stress relief

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September National Yoga Month was first introduced on the USA but is now becoming a global event.The aim of the national event was to encourage people to take up yoga to improve their health and wellbeing. 

In celebration of this, I am posting four short yoga practices for people who have not much time. Each practice is a complete practice, only short. This week's yoga practice is a 20 minute practice for stress relief.

The focus of the video is opening the chest to encourage deeper breathing which in turn relieves stress.  You know this instinctively.  You must have said or someone must have said to you 'take a deep breath' when things are getting too much.

We start with Egyptian salutation which is calming, meditative and get has all the benefits of Sun Salutations (a real blessing when I broke my wrist last year and could not do regular Sun Salutations!). It calms the nervous system, stimulates digestion and respiration, and balances the endocrine system. It includes stretches, twists, and side bends which open the chest.  Back bends, and Triangle Pose also open the chest. 

Two balances are included, Half Moon Balance and Seat of Isis Balance. Balances force you to be in the present moment because unless you are focused, you will fall out of the balance. While you are focused on the present moment, you cannot be fretting over the past, or anxious about the future.

We end the video with Alternate Nostril Breathing which is very calming and balances right and left hemispheres of the brain.  

I hope this practice is useful to you 

Janet x 

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