Saturday, 5 September 2015

Crow for the fearful!

Crow pose, (Bakasana) is a great core strengthener as well as arm and wrist strengthener. It improves digestion, stretches the back and improves concentration.  Even so, it is a pose many of us avoid, mainly because we don't want to fall on our faces (not surprisingly!). Be kind to yourself and realise that it is going to take practice and patience to do the pose. Prepare for Crow pose with arm and core strengtheners such as Balancing Cat, Plank pose or Side Plank.

Before you even attempt to do the pose as an arm balance get a feel of the pose on your back. Stretch your arms up, fingers spread and open. Bring your knee up and squeeze your knees into your upper arms, core engaged. Have your feet together, toes pointed.

When you first try the pose as an arm balance, a block (or thick book) would be helpful. Stand on a block supporting yourself with your hands, fingers spread and open. Come into a squat position on your toes and squeeze your knee into your upper arms. Keep the back of your neck long, your gaze forward. Engage your core. Maybe you will find you can lift one foot, then the other. 

Eventually maybe you can lift both. I find that some cushions placed at the front of the mat are reassuring. 
Once you are able to do the pose using a block or book, you can then try to do the pose in the same way but without a prop.  

Be patient, stay safe
Janet x 

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