Sunday, 2 August 2015

Taking your yoga off the mat - asteya

Asteya translates as ‘non-stealing’ but at a more subtle level it means controlling desires for material possessions.

In terms of your yoga practice it could be interpreted as not holding back, working to the best of your abilities while at the same time bearing in mind ahimsa and satya. Asteya also means practicing good alignment, for if we do not we are ‘stealing’ some of the benefits of the asanas from ourselves and this may also lead to injury. In fact when we practice asanas we should always be present because if our minds wander we are ‘stealing’ the full experience of being in the pose from ourselves.

Off the mat, if our desire for material possessions may lead us to become hoarders. If you hoard possessions especially ones you no longer need, you may be 'stealing' ownership of that possession from someone who would be grateful for it. How about a declutter? Send things you no longer need to a charity shop.

We are also encouraged to buy more food than we need leading to a shocking amount of food wastage. See 
Food banks would really appreciate a contribution especially now, during the school holidays, when children are not getting subsidised school lunches.

Then there are the little things that matter. If you practice asteya you do not interrupt when someone is speaking or you are in effect 'stealing' their opportunity to speak. Accept compliments graciously, otherwise you are 'stealing' someone's opportunity to make you feel good and your own opportunity to feel appreciated.

Through our practice of yoga we realise we have abundance and let go of the need to hoard. We become grateful for what we have. Why not practice this gratitude meditation?

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Practice gratitude daily to appreciate that you do have abundance in your life.

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