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Yoga for pain - shoulder pain

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When it comes to shoulder pain there is not a 'one size fits all' yoga practice because so much can go wrong with the shoulder joint. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, you should consult a doctor initially for a proper diagnosis. Your doctor may prescribe rest, at least initially.  

If you are suffering from bursitis or tendonitis rest will allow the inflammation time to subside. Your doctor may then consent to you doing some gentle yoga shoulder stretching and strengthening poses. If you have a torn rotator cuff (these are the muscles that stabilise the shoulder joint), it is only after healing has taken place that your doctor may consent to some yoga poses to gently strengthen the muscles of the rotator cuff. If you are suffering from shoulder joint instability, you should especially avoid poses such as Side Plank where you bear your weight on one shoulder or poses with a strong external rotation such as Cow Face Arms.

The practice in the video focuses on putting the shoulder joint through a full range of movement to lubricate the joint. It also helps stretch and strengthen the muscles supporting the joint. There is also some gentle chest opening too, as when the chest muscles tighten which they often do because of modern day lifestyles, this impinges on the muscles of the shoulders. The practice would be suitable for several shoulder conditions once the initial healing has taken place and with your doctor's approval. Also the practice would be suitable for arthritis in the shoulder joint, again with your doctor's approval. As always listen to your body and if you experience any pain let the pose go.

The video ends by releasing pain into a balloon. Often imagining the pain external to your body can effectively reduce pain.   

I really hope this helps. Please let me know how you are going on.


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