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Relieve stress, reduce pain

Yoga to help relieve pain: Chair yoga 4- Relieve stress, reduce pain
NOTE-The video is not intended to replace medication. Please consult your medical practitioner before following this video. If you are pregnant do not twist from the abdomen, twist only from the rib cage upwards.
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We mentioned in the introduction (see link in notes above) to the series on pain that stress is one of the factors that can open the 'gate' intensifying your experience of pain. 

This week's video focuses on opening up the body to receive more oxygen.  This is calming for the body, reducing stress. We start the video with Lion Breath, which I like to practice every morning.  It gets rid of the stale air in the lower lungs allowing for that air to be replaced by fresh, oxygenated air.  There is also something very liberating about Lion Breath.  Imagine roaring your stress away!

The asana practice is focused on opening the chest with lateral stretches, backbends and twists.  We also practice Tree pose, a balance.  Balances relieve stress by forcing us to be present in the moment because as soon as we let our minds wonder, we fall out of the pose. Also included is a variation of Legs up the Wall in which we place our lower legs on a chair. This is a gentle inversion, allowing all the freshly oxygenated blood to reach the brain and thereby soothe stress.  Be cautious if you are menstruating, have heart problems, high blood pressure, glaucoma or cervical spine problems.  

We end with Yoga Nidra, yogic sleep which can help with stress and help relieve chronic pain.


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