Saturday, 2 May 2015

Yoga for wrist flexibility and strength

Wrist yoga -
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Note this video is not intended for people with wrist inflammation, wrist injury etc.  Please consult your doctor.

Our everyday activities do not usually require us to hold our wrists in full extension, that is at 90 degrees to our arm.  It is not surprising then that when you first start yoga, the ligaments and tendons in your wrist are going to protest in weight bearing poses such as Plank or Downward Facing Dog.  However wrist flexibility combined with strength gained through weight bearing poses is important in order to avoid injury.
The wrist is a particularly vulnerable area. It is one of the most commonly broken bones in the body.  After 40 years of age, women are more at risk of a broken wrist than men.  In fact I broke a wrist last year although considering the severity of the fall (while out walking), the break was small.  
The video gives some modifications in weight bearing poses to help you while you build up flexibility and strength.

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