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Beginners' Yoga-Stay flexible

Beginners' Yoga-Stay flexible-
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In our beginners' yoga video, Strong to the core, we were focused on building strength

Many sports we enjoy also build strength but it is really important that strength is also combined with flexibility if we are to avoid creating tension in the body.

In the video we start with Egyptian Salutation.  This is a very gentle salutation and yet it has all the benefits of Sun Salutation.  It gently works all the muscles and joints, it stimulates digestion and the endocrine system, calms the nervous system and by opening the side body, improves the efficiency of the respiratory system. We further open up the chest later in the video with a twist and Cow Face arms.

Many of us have stiffness in the lower back, especially if we have a sedentary lifestyle.  Pelvic tilts are great for bringing flexibility to this area and in a flow with Bridge pose also open up the spine and chest.  The flexibility of the spine should be of prime importance for everyone.  Yogis say 'you are as young as your spine is flexible'.  We create more flexibility in the spine with Cat/Cow.

It seems that just about everything we do tightens our hamstrings - sitting, walking, running etc.  If we do not release this tension, back pain can result.  In fact tightness in the hamstrings is one of the leading causes of back pain.  To help remedy this we practice a hamstring slide and standing forward bends.

In everyday life, we tend to have our shoulders forward.  This can lead to tension in the chest and shoulder muscles.  Such tension can even have psychological effects, causing depressed mood.  In the video we practice Cow Face arms, and a wide leg forward bend with fingers interlaced behind the back to counteract this tendency.

A difficult to reach area is on the back between the shoulder blades.  We release tension here with Eagle arms.

The hips are another area that may be tense.  We sit with our legs forward, in our cars, at our desks, on our sofas.  In the video we open up the hips with Baddha Konasana, Cobbler's pose and a wide leg forward bend.

We end the video with a warm water meditation to help release any remaining tension.

Stay strong, stay flexible

Janet x

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