Thursday, 2 April 2015

Toy Box Yoga

Keep the kids occupied with this yoga game.
Yoga can help boost childrens' confidence, enhance their strength and flexibility, focus and concentration but it should also be FUN!!.  
For this game, how many of your toys can you make into yoga poses? Here are some to start you off. Let me know of any more you think of.

Spinning Top
Keeping your eyes on your right hand, circle round 21 times in a clockwise direction (one of the 5 Tibetan Rites)

Music Box Ballerina

(Warrior 2 variation - back hand turned over, ready to throw spear)

Rocking Horse
(Horse Stance)

Toy Monkey
With both hands in fists, draw your right fist into your right armpit as you lean to the left.  Lower and repeat on the other side.

Walking Toy Dog
Downward Facing Dog Variation - alternately bend the knees to 'walk' the dog.

Rag Doll
(Rag Doll Forward Fold)

(Locust Pose variation, arms back)

Toy Boat 
(Boat Pose)

Janet x

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