Sunday, 29 March 2015

Ayurveda and spring

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We are just coming out of the winter months when the kapha dosha is dominant. If we do not clear kapha after the winter, we can go into spring feeling fatigued or even depressed. We can also be congested or even develop spring allergies.  

We can clear kapha through our yoga practice.  See and through our diet. If we eat heavy, oily, salty, sour or sweet foods, kapha will increase.  Foods to avoid therefore include sugar in all forms (including honey), white bread, white flour and white pasta, fried foods, pickled foods, citrus fruits, tomatoes, foods, salty foods (including soy sauce) and some grains.  If you are not vegan or vegetarian moderate your intake of dairy, fish, chicken and meat. Overeating and lack of exercise can also increase kapha. 

The spring diet should be based on foods that are pungent, astringent and bitter.  Pungent foods are spicy and include cumin, coriander, ginger, mustard and cinnamon as well as chillies and the garlic/onion family.  Astringent foods include pomegranate fruit or juice, grapes, green apples, peas and beans.  Bitter foods include green leafy vegetables such as kale or brussel sprouts as well as broccoli, and squash.  Some foods that we think of as 'sweet' such as sweet potatoes could be included too as could such grains as quinoa, or barley.  These help remove toxins (ama) from the body because they are high in fibre.   A little mineral salt such as pink salt could also be included.

Have a very healthy spring 

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