Saturday, 17 January 2015

What's happening on 40plusandalliswell?

On the wellness blog, 40plusandalliswell there was an article about beating bloat. Although this was an article focused on bloating following Christmas, if you suffer from bloating you might be interested to read it

To compliment my YouTube video and article, 'How yoga can help make you happy', I talked on the wellness blog about how food can influence our feelings of happiness and the benefits being happy can have on your health. The article is called 'Be happy it's good for you'

I got a tagine for Christmas which inspired me to do some Moroccan style cooking. I made a 'Vegan Moroccan tagine' and some 'Moroccan meatless balls with lemon couscous'

To compliment my video and article 'New beginnings-purifying your body' my article on the wellness blog 'New beginnings-cleanse your body' was about cleansing your body with a good diet and the benefits this might have for your health 

Another way to cleanse your body is through juicing-please read my introduction to juicing to get you started There is a link to my YouTube juicing video, 'Introduction to Juicing' in the article. 

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