Monday, 6 October 2014

Bee update

As you know as a yogi, I believe in ahimsa, not only to others but to all natural life and to the planet. You may also know that I have been very concerned about bee populations.
In December 2013 the EU banned the use of pesticides thought to be affecting the bees for a trial period. I have recently received a newsletter from the British Beekeepers Association. I get these newsletters because I adopted part of a hive last Christmas. I am delighted to report that the bees have done really well in 2014. I know that the bees have had good weather conditions too, but I believe the effect is mainly down to the banning of pesticides that affect the bees. I hope therefore that this temporary ban becomes a permanent one. For more ways to help the bees you might want to visit

I was delighted that my update the bees has been featured on the front page of the Yoga Vitality Magazine. 
Please take a look!

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