Saturday, 6 September 2014

How yoga promotes health - shoulder and hip joint health

The videos focus on the two major joints in the body which cause problems for people, the shoulder and hip joints.  I have also previously uploaded videos focusing on knees. See Part 1 - and Part 2-
The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint and the most mobile joint in the body. Problems can occur because the 'ball' is larger that the 'socket' and it can easily 'pop' out.  Yoga can help prevent this by strengthening the muscles that surround the joint.  Between the bones of the shoulder joint is synovial fluid.  This lubricates the joint and prevents the bones rubbing against each other.  It also provides nutrients for the bones as bones are living material.  Another way yoga can maintain the health of the shoulder joint is by putting the joint through its full range of motion.  This increases circulation to the joint which nourishes the synovial fluid and prevents conditions such as 'frozen' shoulder.  Yoga also creates good alignment in the shoulder. See
(  Many of our daily activites  such as working at a computer, driving a car etc draw our shoulders forward and yoga can counteract this tendancy.
Many hip joint problems stem from wear and tear on the cartilage.  Cartilage covers the ends of the bones that make up the hip and protects the bones.  Here in the UK there are 160, 000 hip and knee replacements each year.  Again good alignment and putting the joint through it full range of motion will promote healthy hip joints (coming soon).  We tend not to put our hips through their full range of motion in the west.  We sit with our legs forward most of the time.  In the video we will focus on putting our hips through their full range of motion.  

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